Smart Building System

Duma Smart Building System is a new innovation of construction, office building, Residential building.
Every step of construction use advanced technology.

Started I  Designing with computer program to simulate the actual use and calculate the value accurately.
Step II   is to manufacture building parts with factory machinery.

The structure of building is strong and flexible. This modern construction Durable, Termite protection, Rust protection, Waterproof, Heat protection and long life cycle.

The building can be completed in just a few days. It is beautiful, modern, suitable for all applications.

DUMA SBS has 4 Type.
1). Container House
2).Steel Structure
3). LGS Villa
4). Portable toilet

1). Container House

Container House - HIGH END
Container Solution - Our professional knowledge provide provide you the best way.
Container House is the building system which popular against a fashion trend once again.
Can be moved to anywhere, anytime and cring about more.
Convenient and comfortable to people living. There are different designs and types, can be building according to requirement and the number of people.

2). Steel Structure

Steel Structure Building
Warehouse / Factory / Workshop / Cold Room / Exhibition Hall

Steel is most preferred metal for the construction of large structures such as bridges, single storey industrial buildings, and office buildings. There are three main types of steel construction, conventional steel fabrication, bolted steel structure construction and light gauge steel structure construction.
Steel structure construction has numerous advantages over concrete construction.

3). LGS Villa

LGS is widely applied building system in developed countries, can be used in both of Commercial and Residential construction.
LGS structure of low-rise building technology is on the basic of North American style wood construction technology.
After one hundred years of development, LGS has formed the excellent physical performance, flexible space and design.
That is easy to build, various form of maker construction system. A large part of the low-rise building, including houses, shops, school, office building and others use Light Steel Structure Building. LGS Structure in the whole construction makets holds an absolute advantage.

4).Portable toilet

Portable Toilet
Prefabricated toilet for outdoor.
Modern materials designed for convenience.
Available in all areas.

Simple structure in linear type, easy in installation and maintenances.
It contain the water basin, water tap, exhaust fan and the tank which is easy clean.
Can meet the requirement of the area which do not have water.

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